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Ford Connect - Diesel

Ford Connect - Diesel

Compact and tough, the Transit Connect definitely means business. Beneath a stylish and bold exterior it's engineered to the same exacting standards as the larger Transit van.

The cabin styling is now more attractive and more car-like, offering an unparalleled level of comfort in the small-van sector. The interior includes an array of features arranged in a redesigned instrument panel. Plus, there are clever touches, such as automatic hazard lights to warn following drivers if you're braking heavily.

Available with a range of Duratorq TDCi engines, Transit Connect is your powerful, durable and flexible workmate. Whatever you're carrying (people, goods, materials or tools) you'll enjoy the added productivity, and profitability, that it delivers.

Combining a huge capacity for hard work with the drive characteristics of a car, Transit Connect is the definitive small van.

Available Today
Manual Transmission
Upto 3 Persons
Upto 32mpg


Load Height: 1200mm
Load Width: 1490mm
Max Payload: 575kg
Load Capacity: 2.9m³



Number of Days Rental Price with 10% Discount
1 Day £55.00 £49.50
2 Day £110.00 £99.00
3 Day £156.00 £140.40
4 Day £208.00 £187.20
5 Day £250.00 £225.00
6 Day £300.00 £270.00
7 Day £329.00 £296.10
Number of Days Rental Price with 10% Discount
8 Day £376.00 £338.40
9 Day £423.00 £380.70
10 Day £470.00 £423.00
11 Day £517.00 £465.30
12 Day £564.00 £507.60
13 Day £611.00 £549.90
14 Day £658.00 £592.20